As wine buyer and Sommelier for JV Wine & Spirits, I welcome you to explore the largest retail wine and liquor shop in the entire Napa Valley. JV is not a chain, but is family-owned, (JV stands for Joe Vallergas), which gives us tremendous latitude in our capabilities to offer the best selection as well as the best buys available anywhere. We buy GREAT tasting wines that are a GREAT value, floor stack them and make them easy to find in our 20,000 square foot store; on the other hand, we’re cherry-picking the difficult to find, very limited production wines, that are usually highly allocated. This is true for wines not just from the Napa Valley, but for every wine growing region in the world. We truly have it all and shopping for value and those little gems, saved for special occasions, couldn’t be easier.
Our limitless selection of beers includes famous name brands as well as the hard to find offerings from local as well as imported artisanal breweries. Beers from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands as well as Canada, flank the shelves of our 10,000 sq. ft. refrigeration unit and are kept fully stocked, except for the seasonal beverages like the German-sponsored Oktoberfest beers that are only in stock for about 6 weeks per year and falls around the famous German Oktoberfest, September through October.
JV has the ultimate in keg selection! Name your favorite beer and we can get it in either a 5, 7.5 or 15 gallon keg. We have over 200 beers to choose from!
It’s the day and age of creative mixology! Bartenders as well as cocktail lovers flock to JV Wine & Spirits knowing that we carry the latest in select bar ingredients. Organic as well as ancient ingredients are used in making the small batch production of aperitifs, digestifs, liquors, tonics and mixers that we carry. Not only that, but our highly knowledgeable staff can assist you in cocktail preparation and give advice on what recipe to use with a recommended vodka, gin, whiskey or other spirit. We have all of the fixins for a great libation!

JV’s highly competent wine and spirits staff is here to assist our highly valued Napa locals not to mention the plethora of visitors who need some assistance in their final buying decisions as they leave the Valley and head back to home. An added bonus is that we can ship to most states. (A few states are exempt due to current federal interstate laws that prohibit interstate shipment of alcohol.)
Having a sommelier as your “personal shopper” comes with the territory at JV. It is our earnest desire to meet and exceed your expectations for fun, hassle-free shopping.
Our philosophy can be summed up perfectly with the inscription on the back of Yannick Rousseau’s, Cabernet Sauvignon, ‘Le Roi Soleil’: “With this Cabernet, the King variety of the Napa Valley, I raise my glass and say “All for wine, wine for all.”

We look forward to seeing you soon at JV Wine & Spirits!!

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Norma Poole
Wine Buyer, Sommelier

JV Wine & Spirits is open seven days a week and can be reached at 707.253.2624. There is plenty of parking. Here’s how to find us.